The thrift shop got its start in the attic of St. James United Methodist Church Church as a clothes closet for burnout families. Under the ministry of Frank Lloyd and several dedicated members, the clothes closet grew into a thrift shop with appointed managers and board members.

In 1984, it’s first year, the Thrift Shop earned just under 3,500 dollars.  All funds earned beyond Thrift Shop & Matthew 25 Food Pantry's operational expenses must go back into the community of Newport. The Matthew 25 fund was established to help Newport residents in extreme financial circumstances as well as provide food. Just at $1,200 in financial and food assistance was provided by the Matthew 25 Food Pantry in it's first year of existence.

Federal Food

    The last Thursday of every month at 9 am Matthew 25 Food Pantry in partnership with the Food Bank of Eastern NC distributes TEFAP (Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program) surplus commodities from our Fellowship Hall of St James Ugnited Methodist Church, Newport NC.

Program is open to any resident of Carteret County with income as the qualifier.



Matthew 25 Food Pantry


 In 2012, the Thrift Shop earned $99,530.58 in sales. Matt 25 Fund dispensed an average of $8,000 per month in assistance to a total of 1,421 families.  Since its 1984 inception, the Thrift Shop has earned over $1,470,099.58 sales and Matt 25 Fund has dispensed $1,199,096.60 in assistance to the community.